Sozialer Fortschritt – 68/2019/Heft 4, April

Editorial: Socio-Economic Dimensions in Extended Working Lives
Charlotte Fechter and Werner Sesselmeier
Abstract – Zusammenfassung

Socio-economic inequalities in life expectancy and health expectancy at age 50 and over in European countries. Insights for the debate on pension policies
Isabel Mosquera, Yolanda González-Rábago, Unai Martín and Amaia Bacigalupe
Abstract – Zusammenfassung

Work-Life Imbalance in Extended Working Lives: Domestic Divisions of Labour and Partners’ Perceptions of Job Pressures of Non-Retiring Older Workers
Andreas Cebulla, Nathan Hudson-Sharp, Lucy Stokes and David Wilkinson
Abstract – Zusammenfassung

New Modes, New Challenges? The Influence of Extended Working Lives on the Late Employment Phase
in Germany

Charlotte Fechter
Abstract – Zusammenfassung

Skills Mismatch, Earnings and Job Satisfaction Among Older Workers
Markus Bönisch, Jakob Peterbauer and Eduard Stöger
Abstract – Zusammenfassung

Grandparental Childcare and Parent’s Labour Supply: Evidence from Europe
Mikkel Barslund and Lea Schomaker
Abstract – Zusammenfassung

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